Email Loyalty

SPWC Services can help start or improve your Email Loyalty programme.

We can process email loyalty applications (hand written sign-up forms etc.) by keying their names, email addresses, job position etc.

We provide E-stream bulk email processes sent in HTML or text with any type of attachments and even personalisation.

With each E-stream mail out we will clean the database of dead email addresses and fulfill unsubscribe requests helping keep databases up-to-date.

The Reasons to choose E-stream include:

Constant contact with your customers – Increases business and perception.

Email is becoming an everyday medium – Most businesses and households have email access.

Personalised messages – E-stream can personalise the email for each customer (e.g. customer’s name).

Customers can respond immediately – Email is almost instantly sent to your customer’s inbox. Your customers can reply to you in a matter of seconds.

Mail out results – All emails are tracked to make a report of successfully delivered emails, bounce backs, dead accounts etc to give you the best results.