Data Entry

Maintenance of loyalty programme data, key punching, validation, verification of marketing or client data from handwritten or other sources.

Data Integrity – Unique data validation service in line with privacy and confidentiality principles and requirements.

Data entry and database management processes for cleaning name and address, marketing or other files effecting Australia Post barcode allocation.

We help you and your data information maintain privacy compliance.

To give you the best results we use
a data entry package that accurately implements high volume and high throughput.

This package allows for numerous alternatives for ensuring data accuracy.

It includes range check, match masks, table/file lookups and standard check digits.

To give our customers the most accurate data possible we initiate Two Pass Verification. Two pass verification is the ultimate in data verification. Data is verified by keying the data into the system. Then a second data entry operator verifies the data. This system highlights which records don’t match based on either “verify on condition”,”character by character” or “field by field”.

Data integrity assists privacy compliance.